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Homeless Shelters in Every Ward – A Community Responds

NPR: The Kojo Nnamdi Show, February 15, 2016

D.C. mayor refuses to say how she picked sites for new homeless shelters

Washington Post, February 15, 2016

“Bowser won’t provide specifics about how she picked the locations, or identify sites that she ruled out. She’s refusing to consider changes or substitutions.”

“Bowser, meanwhile, is seeking power from the council to move quickly and limit scrutiny… And Bowser urged the council to pass resolutions to pressure city zoning and historic preservation boards to grant exemptions to allow some of the shelters to be built.”

A Case for Homeless Shelter Networks as Basic Infrastructure

Atlantic City - City Lab, February 12, 2016
“Seven of the city’s eight wards would receive a homeless shelter, each one with a capacity of 29-to-50 units. (A women’s shelter is already planned for Ward 2, the lone holdout in this scheme.)”

Mayor Bowser Releases Plan To Close D.C. General With Shelters In Each Ward

DCist -  Febrary 9, 2016
Some of the locations chosen for a shelter may have an “over-concentration” of services that are already there – most notably in Ward 5.
“The saturation of services in any one ward, let alone a few neighborhoods, is unfair to the communities that surround those facilities.”

Council hearing when it was announced: